Graduate Medical Education Resident Engagement and Training for Underserved and Rural Needs (RETURN) is launching a new contest called Concept to Community (C2C) in March 2021.

C2C contest is designed with the following goals in mind:

•     Increase awareness of rural or underserved health needs/challenges among current and future providers
•     Provide public health education for rural or underserved communities
•     Enhance U health trainees/faculty/staff involvement in addressing rural or underserved needs/challenges
•     Design public health intervention/rural or underserved practice innovations

For the contest, GME trainees (residents or fellows) will submit proposals addressing one or more of the above listed goals in teams with interdisciplinary students from public health, nursing, medical school etc. These proposals could be self-generated ideas or based on ideas suggested by rural and underserved stakeholders from our community/faculty. Winning proposals may be awarded up to $5000 to bring their projects to life. All project ideas will be equally considered for funding awards. The award categories are:

•     Rural/underserved awareness and education
•     Rural/underserved practice innovation
•     Public health intervention
•     Community choice
4% of survey complete.