Undergraduate Pipeline Network (UPN)
Summer Research Experience Application
Hello and thank you for applying to the University of New Mexico School of Medicine Undergraduate Pipeline Network. We will contact you with a decision about participating in the program by the end of April. If have any questions before then, please feel free to contact somreo@salud.unm.edu

Program Dates
Starting May 31 through August 4, 2023
UPN 2023 application must be complete by Midnight MST, February 1, 2023

Any incomplete application submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed or considered. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete all sections of the application before the deadline. A complete application requires the following documents, including the letter of recommendation, to be turned in to the UPN program.

♦ A complete online application, which includes your personal statement, an unofficial copy of ALL of your transcripts, and a copy of your current academic resume or CV. Unofficial transcripts should not cost money. 

♦ One letter of recommendation -- Submit your referee's information within this application so we know from whom to expect a letter.  You are responsible for asking your referee for a letter of recommendation, which should be uploaded to this Smartsheets link here before the application deadline (see UPN Admissions website for more details). 

♦ Your references should be either recent research mentors or faculty members at institutions of higher learning. They should be able to comment on your current ability to perform academically at the undergraduate level and/or comment on your recent research experience.

♦ Let your references know of the deadline you are trying to meet. It is your responsibility to confirm with your letter writer they have submitted your recommendation letter before the deadline.

Before you begin, it would be helpful to have your personal statement ready to submit within the application. Your personal statement should include:

  1. Your career goals
  2. Reasons for wanting to engage in summer research
  3. How the UPN program fits into your career plan
Cancer Research—Scholarship and Training Experiences in Population Science (C-STEPS) Program
Along with the UPN Program, UNM also offers the “Cancer Research—Scholarship and Training Experiences in Population Science” (C-STEPS) Program. Scholars in the C-STEPS Program have the opportunity to explore research and careers in Cancer Control and Population Sciences. C-STEPS provides scholars with hands-on, skills based research experiences across the cancer continuum, from prevention to survivorship. These activities will help you meet your graduate and medical school goals. Scholars in the C-STEPS Program are exposed to all activities in the UPN Program in addition to activities of the C-STEPS Program.

  1. We recommend you write your personal statement and other long answer questions in a Word program so that you can save your answers as well as run spell check and copy and paste into this online form.
  2. DO NOT click the "Done" button until you are satisfied that you have answered all the questions. Once you have clicked the "Done" button, your application will be submitted as is and you will not be able to make edits.
  3. Please remember to proof-read your entire application before you click the "Done" button.
  4. Click the "Done" button once you are ready to submit your completed application. 

Time Commitment:

Please note: The time commitment to the UPN program is extensive. All coursework must be completed before the UPN program start date. Students must give a full-time effort (40+ hours per week), which will include evening and weekend activities. Participants are prohibited from enrolling or participating in additional programs and/or courses if selected to participate in the UPN program.


Question Title

* 1. I have read and understand the instructions for the UPN online application process.