The UPLOADS Project is a research project underpinned by a systems theory approach to accident analysis that aims to develop a standardised, national approach to incident reporting and learning for the outdoor sector in Australia. As part of the UPLOADS Project, this research aims to develop sector specific guidance to help practitioners in the Australian led outdoors translate their incident report data into practical and effective incident prevention strategies. Specifically, this project will draw on subject matter expert knowledge, as well as safety theory, to develop an optimised process for the development of incident prevention strategies, from data to action.

What to expect
This survey is part of a wider program of research which aims to use a systems approach to design an ‘optimal process’ to guide the development, selection, and prioritisation of incident prevention strategies for the led outdoor sector. Following on from earlier workshops with safety management workshops, this survey aims to validate the research findings ensure the opinions and needs of the wider Australian led outdoor sector are reflected in the final process that is developed.

Specifically, this survey aims to identify:
• What should the triggers be to start the incident prevention strategy development process?
• What resources exist in the system that support this process?
• What barriers exist that impede the development of incident prevention strategies?
• What do you or your organisation feel is needed to overcome these barriers?

This survey should take no more than 45 minutes to complete and is entirely voluntary. No identifiable information will be collected in this survey. 

Participant eligibility
Eligible participants must work within an LOA organisation, and managing incident data or developing incident prevention strategies should be part of your role.
By completing this survey, you are indicating that you consent to participate in this research. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.


The incident prevention development process that is developed through this research will be integrated with the UPLOADS incident reporting system ( This involves integrating the process with the UPLOADS software, developing appropriate training and guidance materials, and holding a series of training workshops for organisations wishing to adopt the process.
Results of this study will be disseminated by publication in peer reviewed journals. Upon request, participants can also be provided with an email of the key findings of the study along with links to the published papers.

No data collected in this study will be identifiable. All data collected throughout the course of this study will be kept on password-protected computers or in a locked file located at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The published findings of this study will be presented in aggregate form, and will not reveal the identity of any individual or organisation. Non-identifiable data may also be used in future associated research projects and may also be made available to other researchers in the future.

Participation in this study involves minimal risk of psychological or legal harm. To negate this risk, participation in this research is entirely voluntary and no identifiable information will be collected in this survey. Contact details for the research team are available below for participants who still may have concerns regarding participation. Should participants feel uncomfortable talking to members of the research team, they are encouraged to contact an impartial person (e.g., Lifeline on 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue 1300 224 636).


If you have any complaints about the way this research project is being conducted you can raise them with the Chief Investigator (Prof Paul Salmon) or, if you prefer an independent person, contact the Chairperson of the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of the Sunshine Coast: (c/- the Research Ethics Officer, Office of Research, University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore DC 4558; telephone (07) 5459 4574; email


Amanda Clacy (07) 5456 5904
Natassia Goode (07) 5456 5850
Paul Salmon (07) 5456 5893

Both the research team and the University of the Sunshine Coast sincerely thank you for your interest in this exciting research.