The School of Community Health Sciences offers opportunities to conduct fieldwork internationally. This is a chance for students to be introduced to the global health field through intensive fieldwork in developing urban and rural areas of the world. Students will be exposed to the critical links between global health, traditional culture, political structures, social policies, and economic development. Students will be directly involved in the planning, execution, and evaluation of public health and social empowerment programs for populations most at risk. Although the course will cover concepts and frameworks, it will also be very practical in orientation through hands-on fieldwork in various countries with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

The medical, psychosocial, cultural, political, ethical, and economic aspects of various global health issues will be addressed through presentations, reflections, teaching experiences, community member meetings, and tours. 

These international fieldwork opportunities could count for three credits for one of the following courses:
  1. CHS 461/661: The World's Health
  2. CHS 494: Field Studies in Public Health
  3. CHS 495/695: Special Problems in Public Health 
Application Preparation
Before beginning the application process, we recommend you take some time to draft your answers in a separate word document and gather the information needed. This application will ask for:
  1. Contact Information
  2. Two short essays:
    • Please describe your interest in global health and your experience volunteering/working with diverse communities
    • Please describe your skill set and interest area related to the trip. Which topics related to health would you feel most comfortable working on and/or teaching? Describe any personal creative and/or technical skills that you feel would enhance the trip due to your participation.
  3. References (2 academic and 1 community/personal) 
  4. Attach resume/CV 

Question Title

Trip Information:
(Note: Cost and dates are subject to change)


Students will partner with Future Kind International to work with low-income populations in both rural and urban areas. Students will conduct a community health needs assessment and lead health education classes on reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Urban projects will be in in the Cateura neighborhood of Asunción and rural projects will be working with indigenous Aché populations of the Alto Paraná area.
  • Estimated cost: $4275 (includes all tuition/fees/food/lodging). Cost does not include airfare.
  • Tenative dates: December 26, 2019-January 14, 2020

Rwanda and Peru are not currently on the SCHS international trip schedule. Please check back.