1. Personal Evacuation Plan

If any of your evacuation information changes, please resubmit this form.

* 1. Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

* 2. UNO ID#

* 3. Last Name

* 4. First Name

* 5. Middle Initial

* 6. Are you:

* 7. Where do you live? Please include room or apartment number in the blank below the choices. If you live off-campus, please choose 'other' and include your street address, city, and zip code in the blank.

* 8. Home phone with area code

* 9. Cell phone with area code

* 10. UNO Email Address

* 11. Alternate Email Address (not a UNO email address)

* 12. In case of an emergency, I will evacuate the city via the following means:

Be aware that bus, train, and airport terminals will shut down early in a severe weather threat.

ALSO: If traveling by private car, please mark 'other' and type 'car' and the name of the person driving.

*Limited bus transportation is available to evacuate those resident and international students who are unable to evacuate on their own. You may only bring minimal personal belongings that you are able to hold on your lap. NO SUITCASES are allowed and all personal belongings must be in a book bag or small duffel/gym bag. You will be transported to a shelter.

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