Dear UCT students,
The Office of the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Teaching and Learning has commissioned CILT in CHED to run a student survey to assess your experience and satisfaction with the way teaching and learning was organised and delivered in Semester 1, 2022 to inform how we can improve teaching and learning at UCT. 

This survey is aimed at UCT undergraduate and postgraduate students. We ask about your current experiences and your views on what changes you consider important.

By sharing your experience, this survey will assist the university with work to enhance teaching and learning at UCT. The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.

Participation is voluntary. Your responses will primarily support institutional reporting and decision making. Data may also be used for academic publications and conference presentations. However, as we are not collecting any personal information, you will not be identified in any way in the research, and your data will be treated with confidentiality and anonymity. Your data will be stored online and analysed on SurveyMonkey by the researchers. After analysis is completed it will be stored electronically by the principal researcher on her work computer and she alone will have access to it. It will then be destroyed when it is no longer required, and any hardcopy data collected will be destroyed after five years, as per the university requirements. Ethics clearance for this study was obtained from the Research Ethics Committee of the Centre for Higher Education Development.

The deadline for submission of the survey is the 29th of July 2022.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. 

For more information contact A/Prof Daniela Gachago 

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* 1. I agree to participate in the study outlined above. I will allow the researchers to use my responses to the questionnaire. I understand that I will not be personally identifiable in any publications or reports that use this data.

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* 2. What best describes you as a UCT student in 2022?

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* 3. Please indicate your faculty affiliation while studying at UCT in 2022 (choose one):

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* 4. Where have you been living while studying at UCT in 2022 (choose one)?

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* 5. How did you access the internet and how would you rate the quality of access to the internet for your studies at UCT in 2022?