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Last year SFI asked the Urban and Community Forestry sector if we should create an SFI urban forest certification standard. Over 600 people responded, and the overwhelming majority said yes. Fast forward to 2021 and SFI created an urban and community forestry program, hired an urban and community forestry director, formed a standard development task group of diverse segments of the urban forestry sector, and developed a draft Urban and Community Forest Sustainability Standard.  After 6 months of work, and many task group and sub-group meetings, we have a draft SFI Urban and Community Forest Sustainability Standard for you to review and comment on.

Please review the standard and give us feedback through this survey document. We want to know what you think about the 5 Principles, 16 Objectives, their associated Performance Measures, and Indicators.

As you are reviewing the document please keep in mind:
  • Which objectives and performance measures are more attainable?
  • Which objectives and performance measures are more challenging?
  • What terms do you think need to be defined in the appendix?
  • What do you think may be missing from the Standard that you would like to see us include?
  • Have we included something that you think shouldn’t be included in the Standard?
  • What additional guidance would you need from SFI to implement the Standard?
 We think this standard can be utilized by many organizations that manage part of the urban forest including municipalities, counties, universities, health care systems, non-profits, corporations, and other businesses. The standard and the resultant certification will be one way that an organization can show the sustainability of their program and forest.

This is the first of two public comment periods that will help ensure we consider many diverse perspectives. We will consider your thoughts and comments as we draft the second version which will be available in 2022.
Paul Johnson,

Director of Urban and Community Forestry, SFI

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Thank you for helping us create the best Urban and Community Forest Sustainability Standard possible!
Please respond to this survey by December 1, 2021.