The aim of this training is to help individuals understand unconscious bias as it influences our academic and workplace interactions, together with our decision-making abilities.

The training is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Understanding unconscious bias

  • This section will seek to dispel some of the myths surrounding bias, specifically unconscious bias. The training will also unpack how unconscious bias leads to discrimination, its role in inclusion and exclusion. In-group and out-group issues will also be explored. Thereafter, we will examine what unconscious bias looks like during our daily interactions.
Part 2: Addressing unconscious bias
  • This part of the training is focused on minimizing our unconscious bias. We will examine why it is important to address our unconscious biases, and how unconscious bias plays out through gut decisions and snap judgements. Deliberate action steps will be provided to aid your effort to minimize potential unconscious bias in future.
Activities are incorporated throughout the training.
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