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Welcome to the reporting form for Texas Library Snapshot Day, Fall 2016. While we are attempting to capture information from all types of libraries, questions have been standardized (especially with regard to age groups) to yield consistent information. Please note that you must answer required questions (noted by an *); you cannot go forward with the survey until you have filled in that information.

You may submit data for a stand-alone library (an outlet such as a branch, campus library, or main library), OR you can complete the form with system-wide data (including some or all of the libraries within your district, library system, or network of higher ed libraries). If you submit one form with data for multiple locations, be sure to include total numbers for all of questions in the survey. Question 2 of the survey will ask you to specify the total number of libraries for which you are providing data.

Please note that the numerical fields take only numbers--not characters such as commas. Thank you in advance for participating in this important event.

* 1. Your library's name:

* 2. Enter the number of library facilities for which you are reporting data. For example, if you are entering data for a single campus library, a single branch library, a single main library, then enter the number 1. If you are entering data for multiple library facilities (such as separate campus/institutional libraries or all branches within a library system), enter the total number.

* 3. Library Type

* 4. Library Mailing Information

* 5. Person Submitting Results