Willistown Township is updating our Comprehensive Plan, Guidelines for Growth. This Plan looks at Willistown's history, considers current conditions, and charts a vision for the future, including how to grow, develop, and improve facilities and services. Through this survey, your opinions will be documented and considered in the Comprehensive Plan update process.

 We want to hear from you!
Please take about 10 minutes to help us prioritize and improve current services, infrastructure, and facilities and plan for future needs.

Each Willistown household will receive a paper survey in addition to online survey access. Only fill out one survey per household, please. Non-residents may also provide their feedback.
The survey will be available online until July 10, 2020. Postmark paper surveys via mail (postage is pre-paid) or return to the Township Administration building drop boxes by the front and rear doors of the Coxe Memorial Campus at 688 Sugartown Road no later than July 1.