We are interested in your observations, photos and videos of the sea in the hours and days following the 3 earthquakes on 5th March 2021.

Providing any personal data is optional. Your data will be used for research purposes and will be kept anonymous. Filling in the questionnaire implies that you consent to participate in this survey. The data collected may be used in the New Zealand historical tsunami database (http://data.gns.cri.nz/tsunami/) in the write-up about these events. Such information can help improve tsunami forecasts and can assist in education about tsunami.

Within the questionnaire there is a place where photos in commonly used formats can be uploaded (but not videos). Observations and photos and videos can also be sent to us directly at tsunamiobservations@gns.cri.nz

This project (Ethics notification number 4000024019) has been evaluated by peer review and judged to be low risk. Consequently it has not been reviewed by one of the University's Human Ethics Committees. The researchers named in this document are responsible for the ethical conduct of this research. If you have any concerns about the conduct of this research that you want to raise with someone other than the researcher please contact Professor Craig Johnson, Director (Research Ethics), email humanethics@massey.ac.nz

If you need to contact the researchers please email:
William Power

Thank you for your help.

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