GEMSA Trauma Course Grant Application

To: Trauma Course Coordinators

From: Kim Littleton, Executive Director

Re: Funding for Trauma Courses

Date: May 13, 2024
The Georgia EMS Association is accepting applications for the Trauma Course Grant. Classes to be conducted between July 1, 2024 and March 15, 2025. It is our hope that we partner with the Georgia Trauma Commission to provide these Grants. In anticipation of this we are seeking applications early in the process.

Approved Courses are Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support, International Trauma Life Support, Geriatric Education for EMS and Emergency Pediatric Care programs at a maximum of $5,850.00 per course (as designated by the GEMSA Trauma Course Grant Agreement. ALL applicants awarded grants must abide by rules in the Trauma Course Grant Agreement and sign, initial and return the completed document to GEMSA within 2 weeks of Grant being awarded).

These funds are provided to ensure participants can attend these programs at no charge. Our goal is to reach ‘statewide’ and make this training accessible to as many providers as possible. The class must be an ‘open’ registration course and not limited to a specific set group. This is a competitive Grant.

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* 1. Course Coordinator

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* 2. EMAIL address of Course Coordinator

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* 3. Trauma Course Interested in Coordinating

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* 4. Location of Course (Facility and Address)

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* 6. Anticipated Dates of Course (specific dates will be necessary upon GEMSA approval)

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* 7. Total Number of Students Expected (minimum of 12 - maximum of 24)

This Program is made possible by State of Georgia funding provided through the
 Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission