1. Welcome to Transplant Australia's Transplant Community Survey

Hi, I am really pleased to have joined Transplant Australia as the National Membership and Sports Administrator. As a kidney recipient of 12 years, I hope I have a good understanding of the needs of recipients as they resume their lives post-transplant. The National Office now has a staff member representing all the different facets of our community - a living donor, carer, donor family member, and myself as a recipient.

Still, we can't presume to know everything about our community. That's why we are urging members and non-members alike to take this anonymous survey, which has been designed so that we can hear from recipients, living donors and donor families.

We especially want your input on the issue of contact between donor families and recipients, so please complete this survey by March 9.

I know everyone, from the Board, Office and State Committees, works tirelessly to promote donation and improve our support programs for recipients. We also know there is a lot more to do.

Please take time to have your say. It is important.

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for helping us develop our systems and services to the membership.

Kind regards

Matty Hempstalk
National Membership and Sports Administrator