1. PART 2: The translator/interpreter today (and tomorrow)

17% of survey complete.
This is Part 2 of a survey on the translator/interpreter. To part 1 we received 1,225 replies. Thankyou very much. The results were published, and are freely downloadable from: download2.hermes.asb.dk/archive/download/Hermes-42-7-katan_net.pdf

This questionnaire has been designed with 2 aims:
1) to understand more precisely what people who 'translate/'interpret' actually do
2) to raise awareness of the state of the profession - and improve it.

Please give your opinion, especially if you work part time.

If you have any queries please contact me, David Katan (david.katan@unisalento.it). If you wish to respond to Part 1 also (the order doesn't matter) then go to https://it.surveymonkey.com/s/KF7FQ9N.

Almost all the comment boxes are OPTIONAL, so if you are rushed don't feel obliged to comment.

Many thanks - and please pass this on to as many as you can ...


Question Title

* 1. Gender

Question Title

* 5. Which language direction do you work in most?
Towards your mother tongue is (--> L1).
Towards your 2nd language is (--> L2).

Question Title

* 6. Have you completed training in ...

  Undergraduate Degree Master level/Post Graduate Degree Phd Course (at least 3 day)
arts (non language)
MT, CAT tools

Question Title

* 7. Please state your role(s) in order of importance

  1st/Main role 2nd role 3rd role/Also 4th role/at times
Student: Other (please specify)
Lecturer: Translation/Interpeting
Lecturer Other (please specify)
Freelance: Translation
Freelance: Interpreting
Agency/permanent: Translation
Agency/permanent: Interpreting
OTHER please specify below

Question Title

* 8. Please state your main area(s) of translation/ interpreting work

  Also/At times Main Area
media (film, etc.)
computer (games, software)
other public service
anything and everything!

Question Title

* 10. What do you call yourself when asked "what's your job?"?

Question Title

* 11. Are you a member of any translator/interpreter organisations or communities?

Question Title

* 12. Which area(s) do you work in?