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The Town of Pittsfield Visual Preference Survey is a planning and public participation tool that uses images to allow participants (citizens and decision-makers) to determine preferences for the character and design of the community.  The survey presents images containing various types of development patterns, residential and commercial development, architectural styles, transportation infrastructure, and landscape characteristics.
As a participant, you are asked to rank each image on a scale from 0 (Strongly Unappealing) to 5 (Strongly Appealing), depending on how much you like or dislike each image.  Once complete, a score for each image is tallied by the administrator.  Images scoring highest are the preference of the survey participants and will help define the character of the Town’s future development.
This Visual Preference Survey is being administered by a planning consultant.  It is a component of the larger Area Development Plan for the Town of Pittsfield which provides a framework for focused development in defined areas of the Town.
This survey has 40 questions and should take under 10 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and all responses will remain anonymous.
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