DESA Title I Parent Survey 2017-2018

DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts (DESA) needs your help to enhance parent involvement activities for our school. Our goal is to increase parent involvement by partnering with you. Research shows that effective parent involvement improves student achievement. Please take a few moments to complete the survey below.

You may return this completed survey to your child's homeroom teacher or take the survey online at:  Please complete this survey by Thursday, September 29, 2017  Thank you for your time and feedback.

* 1. Please list the most informative parent involvement activity you have attended at DESA.

* 2. To help us plan Title I parent workshops, please check the topic(s) that are of most interest to you.

* 3. What keeps you from attending meetings or events at our school? (You can select more than one)

* 4. Do you follow us our Instagram (desa_dreamsbig) account?

* 5. We value and strive for parent input into decision making at our school. Select the ways you have provided input into decisions made at our school. You may select more than one.

* 6. Rate the following methods of communication used by DESA school.

  Good Fair Poor
Calling Post E-mail Blasts
Calling Post Voicemail Messages
Flyers/Letters Sent Home
Meetings/Workshops Held at School
Parent/Teacher Conferences
RemindText Messages
School Website
Student Agenda Planner
Telephone Calls
Weekly Courier (sent home on Thursdays)
Class Dojo and or Liv School/Pay Checks