Thank you for coming to this site to share your views and ideas.

The engagement is being facilitated by Kaizen, who were appointed to conduct community engagement for two purposes:

  • To hear views on the Tower for the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government
  • To hear views and ideas about the Memorial for the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission
You can share your views on either the Tower or on the Memorial, or on both if that is your preference.

If you have any questions about the process you can also contact MHCLG on 0303 444 0011 or email


Question Title

* What is your connection to the Grenfell area? (Tick all that apply.)

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* How many years have you had a connection to this area?

Kaizen are part way into a process of deep engagement with the Grenfell Community, to understand their views about what should happen to the Tower and the Grenfell Memorial.

We are defining the Grenfell Community as those people who were significantly impacted by the tragedy – the families and loved ones of those that lost their lives, the survivors of the fire, and the local community in the area.

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* How much do you feel you are a part of the Grenfell Community (given the definition above)?

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* Are you aware of the Grenfell Memorial Commission?

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* Would you like to share your thoughts and ideas about: