Welcome to the New Zealand Tech Skills Demand Survey

What skills will industry need tomorrow that it doesn’t have today?

The purpose of this survey is to create an evidence-based picture of skills needed across technology roles. It will also seek to forecast the skills in demand in the short/medium term in order to inform education and immigration policy.

Much anecdotal information has been gathered about the digital skills needed in a digital world but more detail on a quantitative basis across the New Zealand market is needed.  Late last year the DIA undertook a survey of the digital skills needed by NZ government agencies.  To complement this information NZTech, on behalf of the Digital Skills Forum, in collaboration with NZRise and IT Professionals, is conducting a study along the same lines but with the private sector.  The survey will help the government and industry focus their efforts on the skills actually needed.

For the purposes of this survey, information, technology and digital are used interchangeably and to describe the application of computing and related technologies to capture, organise and share information electronically.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be conducted in complete confidence i.e. your answers will be anonymous to all but the Project Lead, will be combined with others for analysis and only reported in the aggregate. If required we may contact your for further details.

We would like the most senior person in your organisation who can answer these questions to complete the survey, getting help as needed. If you would like to explain your responses in more detail, please use the ‘other’ spaces throughout the survey and/or the final question. Please note that if you need to verify answers with others internally, you can exit the survey and restart anytime. Your responses will be saved.

If you have any questions, or think there may be someone else in the organisation who could better complete the survey, please contact Joanna Milne Project Lead.

When the survey results are released, they will be shared with you.

This data will give the tech sector, the government and NZ Inc. the first real picture of the state of skills in our sector and allow development of initiatives from both Government and Private Sector to support growth for all of New Zealand.   

11% of survey complete.