What is the context for the public consultation on the Tara Conservation Management Plan?

The Hill of Tara, County Meath is one of the richest archaeological landscapes in Ireland. The hill contains around 150 archaeological monuments, which span over 5,000 years from the Neolithic to modern times.  Tara is a place of great cultural importance. It was the focus of prehistoric burials and rituals and the ceremonial landscape of powerful medieval kings. It attracted the attention of Irish leaders throughout the ages and became the symbolic capital of Ireland in literature.  The hill is also an amenity enjoyed by the local community and by visitors.

With the numbers of visitors increasing all the time, there is a pressing need to have the management of the State-owned lands on the Hill of Tara supported by sustainable long-term policies that will guide national and local agencies in the preservation of this significant landscape.  The first phase in developing a new strategy is to produce a Hill of Tara Conservation Management Plan that will clearly define Tara’s significance, identify issues and possible risks affecting the complex, and draw up policies that will inform a future implementation phase.  The public consultation process will be a central component in the drafting of the Plan.

What is the purpose of the public consultation?
The Hill of Tara is part of the cultural fabric of Ireland and is one of the best known archaeological and historical sites in the country.  The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is seeking input from  the public in helping to define Tara’s significance and to contribute to policies regarding its future preservation and management. The Conservation Plan is being developed by the Discovery Programme and the Heritage Council.

This public consultation process is intended to be an open and effective means for people to engage in a constructive dialogue on Tara using modern media technology.  The feedback received will be carefully analysed and assessed and will inform the final text of the Plan.  The Plan will be a dynamic document that will be open to regular evaluation and updating as policies are developed in the future.

The Heritage Council is facilitating this consultation and we welcome your participation in this process and wish to thank you in advance for your valuable input

* 1. What is important to you about the Hill of Tara?

* 2. What issues concern you in relation to the hill?

* 3. How can we best protect and preserve the Hill of Tara?

* 4. How often do you visit the Hill of Tara?

* 5. Any other comments?