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* 5. What are your top three sources of hires?  (Choose 3)

* 6. When it comes to recruitment marketing tools we have:

* 7. What are the top recruitment marketing technology challenges you face? (Check all that apply)

* 8. Do you involve your marketing department in your employer branding, advertising, and employee value proposition messaging?

* 9. Will Google for Jobs impact your recruitment marketing strategies in 2018?

* 10. How does AI fit into your 2018 planning?

* 11. Please indicate your expected key strategies and sources of candidates in 2018.

  Plan to do more than 2017 Plan to do less than 2017 Plan to do same as 2017 I don’t know
Candidate relationship management (CRM) system
Recruitment marketing platform
Sourcing automation
Resume database searching solution(s)
Recruitment agency management solution
Job posting solution
Events or campus recruiting tools
Employee referral tools/program
Programmatic job advertising solutions
Internal mobility recruitment solutions
Social media recruitment tools
SMS recruiting solutions
Talent network
Diversity hiring/tracking solution
AI job recommendation chat bot
AI other
Candidate experience measurement
Career site service or platform (other than ATS )
Job application solution (other than ATS)
Career site analytics

* 12. When it comes to future recruitment marketing technology initiatives, we most likely plan to: (Check all that apply)

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