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Dates: 5/7, 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4, 6/11
Time: 9:30-11:30

A participation link will be emailed to the address you provide below.

Telehealth Disclaimer:

SECURITY: Please be mindful that you are participating in this group via ZOOM, which is an internet based platform. As such, the Agency (or the program) cannot ensure complete security. The staff will do their part in ensuring that individuals participating in the call are supposed to be part of this group.

Please make sure that you do not share the ZOOM invite with other people. If you know someone who may be interested, please share the information on how to register. This is to help keep the group secure.

Do not share personal identifying information during the call, and please be respectful not to share any information you learn about any other participants with individuals outside of this group.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The information shared in this group should remain confidential. However, if it becomes apparent to the facilitator that any individual is in imminent danger.

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