Clinic Application 
The aim of the Texas Youth Friendly Initiative (TYFI) is to increase the number of youth accessing comprehensive health services by improving selected clinics youth-friendliness, and at the same time, enhance collaboration among youth-serving organizations through formalized linkages to increase awareness and access to the health centers’ services. The TYFI will increase health centers’ capacity to provide youth-friendly health services through an innovative community of practice. This model brings together teams from similar agencies that want to improve their youth-friendly services.

* 1. Organization Information:

* 2. Organization Background:
Briefly describe your agency’s experience providing adolescent health services.

* 3. Organization Participation:
Tell us how your participation in the collaborative will increase the reach of services (this can be at the direct service or policy level).

* 4. Respondent Reference:

Please provide at least one reference from a project performed within the last 5 years that demonstrate the respondent’s ability to perform the proposed scope of work initiative.

* 5. Numbers of Clients Served:
Please estimate the number of unduplicated participants by age that your agency served in the last 12 months (Fiscal Year 2017).

* 6. Other Proposed Support Services:
Please provide a list of additional support services your agency can provide as part of the initiative.

* 7. Motivation:
What do you hope to accomplish through your participation in this collaborative?

* 8. Staff to participate in the Learning Collaborative: