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* 1. Please say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements.

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The Big Society is a good idea and deserves to be one of the Government's top four priorities
David Cameron is right to equate Islamist extremists with racists
George Osborne should have been tougher on the banks, imposing more taxes and regulations on them
Forestry privatisation is too unpopular and should be stopped
Alternative Vote is better than First Past The Post
George Osborne should cut fuel duty in the Budget
There should be a turnout of 40% or more for the AV referendum to be legally binding
Parliament should reject votes for prisoners
The House of Lords works as it is and does not need to be replaced with an elected chamber
The next Tory manifesto should include a pledge to hold a referendum on whether Britain should stay in, or leave, the EU
Britain should support the pro-democracy movement in Egypt
High Speed Rail will be good for the environment and good for spreading economic wealth across the whole of the UK