Welcome to the survey

This survey has been designed by SuperFriend, in collaboration with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). It has four main aims:

1. To better understand mental health and wellbeing among the veterinary workforce. 
2. To explore the impacts of veterinary work on workers' mental health. 
3. To examine actions around and attitudes towards help and support seeking.
4. To receive suggestions about potential future initiatives. 

As the topic of mental health and well-being can be sensitive and personal be assured that all responses are confidential. If you experience any emotional responses while completing the survey, please reach out to the AVA 24 hour telephone counselling service on 1300 687 327, Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 or your own health professional.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you so much for participating, your responses and feedback are very valuable. 

Please note – this survey is intended to be inclusive of all roles and all people working in the veterinary industry or workforce, not exclusively for the veterinarian role. For ease of reference and to encapsulate all roles the terms industry or workforce will be used, where the role of the veterinarian is concerned the term profession will be used.