Projects for Continuous Improvement

Inventory Survey

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) has a vision to be the go-to forum for sustainability conversations. Part of this work includes communicating the continuous improvement of the Canadian beef industry's sustainability.  Recognizing that there are multiple players in this field, CRSB has a role in communication and coordination. In order to support improvements in future updates of the National Beef Sustainability Assessments (NBSA), CRSB is looking to profile projects that build on the following goals identified in the National Beef Sustainability Strategy

What is a Project for Continuous Improvement: projects that demonstrate, pilot, or promote practices that contribute to advancing one of the goals. Applied research and technology transfer could be considered demonstration but they need to be at a commercial scale, target a specific audience and link to a specific practice that supports one of the goals. These projects are frequently local or regional in nature, as they address issues for specific ecosystems, habitats and production practices that are often influenced by weather and natural resources. Primary research projects while contributing to the conversation and advancing knowledge in these areas are excluded from this survey.
Participants: This survey is open to all CRSB members and non-members. We encourage you to forward the survey to your contacts and partners with whom you have projects that contribute.