Tour Week Service Trip Participant

Tour Week: April 22 - 28
$175 dollar fee charged to student account: this will cover service trip expenses and t-shirt
*in order to get a refund, participants must drop within two weeks from when they were assigned to the trip*

* 1. Name:

* 2. ID Number: 

* 3. Email:

* 4. Phone Number: 

* 5. Year in School:

* 6. Are you certified to drive a Wartburg vehicle?

* 7. How old will you be at the time of the trip (April 21st). 

* 8. T-Shirt Size:

* 9. What social issues are you interested in working with?

* 10. Why do you want to participate on a service trip?

* 11. Please rank the following trips 1 through 6 with 1 being your top choice and 6 being your last choice.
*Understand that you may not get your top choice. We will do our best placing you according to your preferences*