Ensuring the right care is provided to the right patient is an essential part of providing and receiving safe care. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The failure to correctly identify patients and match that information to an intended treatment or intervention continues to result in procedures being performed on the wrong person, wrong side or wrong site; medication errors; blood transfusion errors; and errors in diagnostic testing.

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* 2. Please identify your current role

* 3. Please select your main area of work

* 4. How many incidents were reported in Datix CIMS in 2017 for RPBG related to patient identification and the wrong patient? 

* 5. The three mandatory core identifiers are the 
  • patient UMRN
  • patient name; and
  • patient date of birth.
At a minimum when are these core identifiers to be used?

* 6. RPBG regularly audits compliance to patient ID and the three core identifiers. Where can you find your area's results?

* 7. You have identified a patient with an incorrect band. What procedures should you perform?

* 8. You are caring for a mental health patient where it is inappropriate for that patient to wear an ID band. What is the order of other forms of identification for this patient?

* 9. Which of the following statements about Patient Identification in the outpatient/community setting is correct?

* 10. Which processes, are involved in Safe delivery of clinical procedures: