1. Florida Dealer Poll 2007

Attached is a poll that we have created to isolate some issues that may be of interest to you. Additionally, we hope to target some issues for the FMDA to work on. All of the answers to this poll will be kept confidential. After the answers are compiled, these surveys will be shredded. If you do not wish to answer a question, please leave it blank. Please, help us by sending in the survey. As always, any observations or comments are appreciated. In the end, we hope that when you read the results of the survey that you will find some new information that is helpful and may save you some money.

* 1. As a Dealer, what is the most important issue that you and your business face today?

* 2. What can the FMDA do to assist you?

* 3. Which of the following issues would you like to see the FMDA working to negotiate preferred member rates for?

* 4. What are your estimated gross annual sales (total dollar sales) per year?

* 5. How many franchise brands do you represent?

* 6. How many full time employees do you have? (2 part time = 1 full time)

* 7. What brand of Dealer Management Software are you using today?

* 8. If you started your dealership again, what DMS software would you purchase?

* 9. Which non-franchised supplier do you use the most?

* 10. Which insurance carrier do you use for Garage Keepers Liability?

* 11. Which insurance carrier do you use for Premise Liability?

* 12. Which insurance carrier do you use for Workers compensation?

* 13. Which insurance carrier do you use for Health Insurance?

* 14. The FMDA has been approached by a Risk Retention Group. The basic concept is to organize the members and create our own insurance co-operative. Would you be interested in participating in such a group?

* 15. Have you ever had a major insurance claim?

* 16. If we had an insurance Q & A session, would you be willing to tell the members about the claim, how it was handled and what you learned from the experience? If so, could you please include your telephone number so that we may call you?

* 17. As a dealer you had to pay for your manufacturer’s franchise. You have to comply with the laws of the State of Florida. You have to collect tax every time that you sell a major unit and be responsible for the warranty and customer service. At this time we are seeing more and more out of state dealers advertising in Florida. There are out of state dealers advertising major units in the state of Florida at invoice. These dealers qualify for all of the manufacturer holdbacks and obviously live on the hold back. Any Florida dealers that do not qualify for the holdback and or volume discounts from the manufacturer are at a competitive disadvantage. Do you think that it is right to have out of state dealers advertising and selling into the State of Florida if they are not licensed to do business in our State?

* 18. Would you like to see the Florida DMV police this issue?

* 19. At this time the manufacturers are seeing a slow down in wholesale orders. Consequently, manufacturers are trying harder to force dealers to take unwanted inventory. Several States, including Florida have laws prohibiting this practice. Do you feel that the FMDA can help you to prevent the manufacturer from dumping unwanted inventory on your dealership?

* 20. Most manufacturers have some form of holdback program that is used to force dealers to take unwanted inventory. The most common is to require the dealer to represent the full product line. Do you agree with this practice?

* 21. Several States have legislation preventing the manufacture from offering differential pricing. Some manufacturers have schemes that reward dealers with better parts pricing or better pricing on major units. Do you feel that this is an issue that should be addressed by the FMDA and the State of Florida DMV?

* 22. Effective July 1, 2007 the Florida Statutes were amended to require the manufacturer to pay full retail for parts and labor for warranty claims. At this time are your manufacuters paying the full amount for warranty?

* 23. The Florida Statutes require a manufacturer to pay a dealer to uncrate and prepare a major unit for sale. Are your manufacturers paying you a fair amount for PDI?

* 24. Florida Motorcycle Dealers have collected money to purchase offroad riding parks. At this time, we have one public off-highway riding facility. Do you agree that it is time to purchase and develop additional off-highway riding facilities?

* 25. "Big Box" retailers are selling unlicensed Chinese motorcycles greater than 50cc without a DMV license. Do you agree that this practice should be stopped?

* 26. One of the goals of the FMDA is to "Promote the safe use of motorcycles throughout Florida." Do you agree that if the matter is raised in the next legislature that the FMDA should support a mandatory helmet law?

* 27. Motorcycles are a "green" form of transportation. Would you support legislation that provided for financial incentives to ride motorcycles such as discounts on the toll roads or lane splitting to encourage motorcycle riding?