Clinic Application 
Thank you for your interest in the Texas-Youth Friendly Initiative (TYFI)! TYFI works to increase the number of youth (ages 10-24) accessing comprehensive health services by improving clinics' youth-friendliness. This model brings together teams from 6-8 clinics to form an innovative community of practice. Each cohort is guided through an evidence-based approach to remove barriers to change and streamline implementation for improved care delivery to adolescents. Together, we are working to improve the health of adolescents across Texas! 

* 1. Organization Information (please note that each clinic system may apply for one site to participate in this cohort).

* 2. Organization Background:
Briefly describe your agency’s experience providing adolescent health services.

* 3. Numbers of Clients Served:
Please indicate, by age, the number of unduplicated patients served by your agency (Fiscal Year 2017).

* 4. Motivation:
What do you hope to accomplish through your participation in this initiative (at the policy or direct service level)?

* 5. Support Services and Programs: 
Please list a few of your programs/services that other clinics in cohort 3 may benefit from learning about (examples: integrated behavioral health, medical/case management, patient navigation, youth advisory council, health education and promotion, etc.).

* 6. Professional Reference:

Please provide at least one reference from a project performed within the last 5 years that demonstrates your organization's ability to perform a proposed scope of work.

* 7. Staff to lead site-level implementation of TYFI:

We recommend a multi-disciplinary team including: a provider, practice manager and 1-3 additional clinic staff members who can commit approximately three hours per month to the project.