1. Topic Survey for 2011 Human Aspects of Software Development (HASD)

What topics should we cover? Which ones do you want to present? Please fill out this survey before Thursday's class.

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Question Title

* 2. For each of the topics listed in the HASD Reading List, please select 15 that you would like to see presented, and rank order up to four that you would like to personally present. (We will actually present about 22 and each person will actually present 2). Note that SurveyMonkey will not validate your answer, so you should check that you have 15 checks in the first column, and 1 in each of the last 4 columns.

  Should be included My 1st choice to present 2nd choice to present 3rd choice 4th choice
3.1 Learning to program, how people naturally think about computation
3.2 Understanding algorithms
4.1 Design, designing with diagrams
4.2 Coordinating developers
4.3 Finding experts, maintaining awareness, onboarding
5.1 Finding code to reuse
5.2 Designing & documenting APIs
6.1 Exploring code
6.2 Reverse engineering
6.3 Reading code (program comprehension), mental models of programs, and effects of expertise
7.1 Languages and tools for novice and end-user programmers
7.2 Programming by example
7.3 Visual languages
7.4 Textual languages & editors
7.5.1 Copy & paste
7.5.2 Refactoring
7.5.3 Reviewing changes
7.6 Navigating working sets
8.1 Causes of bugs, preventing bugs
8.2 Reporting and triaging bugs
8.3 Debugging
9. End-User Software Engineering
10.1 Pair programming
10.2 Agile
10.3 Test-driven development
10.4 Code organization techniques