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Dear Guild Presidents,

Please complete the following survey to qualify for a 2021 CMA Guild Award.

This year's Guilds can qualify for one of two new national awards and qualify for the Outstanding Guild Award for its exemplary efforts in prayer, education, and public awareness. 

The Pillar Certificate Award

The CMA Awards Committee will present the certificate to the Guilds that fulfill three of the five essential pillars:

1.  Spiritual Formation – Provide opportunities to expand and enrich one’s own spiritual life.

2.  Educational Formation – Provide opportunities for all healthcare professionals to discuss pertinent medical-legal issues that occur in their daily medical practices and help them understand the changing political landscape that threatens physician conscience rights.

3.  Fellowship – Provide opportunities for all healthcare professionals to come together for mutual support and camaraderie.

4.  Service – Provide opportunities for all healthcare professionals to be involved in service projects.

5.  Growth – Recruit 5 new national dues paying members (any category). 

Saint Luke Guild Award

The Saint Luke Guild Award will be presented by the CMA Awards Committee for those Guilds that fulfill all five essential pillars.

To be consider for an award, please complete the following by August 1, 2021:

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* 1. Please provide the name of the guild

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* 2. Please specify how this guild is actively fulfilling each of the essential pillars listed below:

CMA Outstanding Guild Award

Awarded to the Guild that goes above and beyond in their accomplishments and demonstrates exceptional efforts fulfilling all five essential pillars and engaging its members and community with the mission of the CMA.

 In addition to being presented the Outstanding Guild Award at the Annual Education Conference, one free conference registration and one free mid-year meeting registration will be provided to the recipient Guild.

 To considered for the CMA Outstanding Guild Award, please complete the following:

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* 3. Please provide a brief, but complete description of what the guild has done that you believe is outstanding, including applicable details about time, place, duration, goal(s), results, etc.

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* 4. How has the guild collaborated with the Diocese local Bishop?

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* 5. How many new members joined the guild last year?

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* 6. What is the total membership last year?

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* 7. What is the total membership this year?

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* 8. How has the guild involved the local CMA student chapter? (eg. at local meetings, sponsorships to Boot Camp, Annual Confernce, etc).