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Welcome to the Tagoras 2020 Virtual Conferences and Trade Shows survey. The purpose of this survey is to better understand how organizations are using online and virtual conferences, whether on a standalone basis or in conjunction with place-based conferences, meetings, and trade shows. Your participation is very important--even if you do not currently offer or plan to offer a virtual conference or trade show and regardless of the size or budget of your organization.
  • You may refer to your organization as a business, a company, a firm, or as something else entirely, and you may work with a large team or alone. To keep things as simple and brief as possible, we use the term "organization" and the pronoun "we" throughout the survey. Feel free to mentally substitute whatever terms are most appropriate for you (e.g., "company" or "I").
  • Your organization should submit only one response to this survey. If applicable, please consult with your colleagues to determine who will complete the survey on behalf of your organization.
  • Depending on your answers, the survey will take anywhere from a few minutes to approximately 10 minutes and should be completed in one sitting. Your responses will be kept confidential and only reported in the aggregate, and your participation is completely voluntary.
  • To make responding to the survey as brief as possible, your responses to certain questions will determine what other questions you are asked or not asked. The questions with skip logic are required and marked with an asterisk (*).

After completing the survey, you may register to receive notification when the report based on the survey data is available. The report will be made available for free. By registering, you will also automatically be entered in a drawing for one of five Amazon gift cards worth $50 (winners can use the gift card for whatever they'd like that's available on Amazon).

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