EPUB in one form or another has been around for twenty years. As we head into this next decade, we want to take a moment and assess where we are and where we as a global publishing community want and need to go next. How well is EPUB working? What could be improved? What should the future of EPUB and digital publishing formatting look like? We’ve assembled quite a large number of questions, about how people work with EPUB today, what problems they have, and what we’ve heard so far about what they want in the future. We hope that this information will provide valuable input to the future work on EPUB and related formats within the framework of the Publishing@W3C activity, in particular to the W3C’s EPUB 3 Community Group and the Publishing Business Group, as well as all of us who work with EPUB. We’ve organized the survey into sections for different parts of the ecosystem, but feel free to answer any question in any section if you have something to say. Please also feel free to skip any questions. Please share this survey with anyone you think may have something to say—we want as many answers as possible.

The survey has eight sections:

Section 1 for Publishers and Authors
Section 2 for EPUB Creators and Developers
Section 3 for Retailers and Reading Systems
Section 4 for People who Read Ebooks
Section 5 for Educators
Section 6 for Governmental and Corporate Documents
Section 7 on Information and Communication
Section 8 on Final Thoughts