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The Consumer Care Guidelines are intended to support power companies to deliver a consistent and supportive basic standard of care to their customers.

The Electricity Authority would like your feedback on how we can update and strengthen the Consumer Care Guidelines. We want to understand if you think the Guidelines should stay voluntary or if some parts should be made compulsory for power companies.

Next year we will also consult on issues that aren’t covered in the current Guidelines, to enable potential further protections for consumers. As part of this form, you can give us your thoughts on things you’d like to see included in that consultation.  

The full consultation paper is available here. If you want a quick and easy way to have your say, we have pulled out the key questions for consumers below. We invite you to have your say either by submitting on the full consultation paper, or by completing the following questions, by Monday 2 October 2023

If you would like more information or would like to know other ways you can give your feedback, please visit our website.
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