For use by Signatories to appeal decisions of the Code Administrator

Pursuant to sections 3.5(1) and 3.5(2) of the Carbon Industry Code of Conduct (the Code), the Code Administrator will investigate alleged breaches of the Code by Signatories. Where the Code Administrator finds that a Signatory has breached the Code, the Code Administrator can, pursuant to section 3.5.2(f))(i) of the Code, allocate an action or sanction.
A Signatory may appeal the Code Administrator’s decision to the Code Review Panel (see section 3.9 of the Code) if the Signatory believes that the Code Administrator did not exercise reasonable discretion, that they were denied natural justice, or that new evidence is available that was not available at the time of an original decision.
Appeals can be made by completing this Compliance Appeals form and sending it within one month of being notified by the Code Administrator of its decision.
All decisions by the Code Review Panel are binding and there is no further right of appeal.
Register your appeal with the Code Administrator using the form below.
The Code Administrator may need to contact you to seek more information in relation to this form.
The Code Administrator will acknowledge receipt of this form within 3 business days of receipt and will get back to you as soon as possible to notify you of the date of the next Code Review Panel meeting at which the appeal will be heard.
Any information you provide will be managed in accordance with section 2(2.5)(6)(k) of the Code, where all commercial-in-confidence information provided to the Code Administrator will be treated with appropriate confidentiality and subject to the requirements of relevant laws, in particular the Privacy Act 1988.