DEMOGRAPHICS:  While these 3 questions are optional, it does provide good descriptive information to the Board as they analyze the results.

* 1. Which of the following categories best describe your role or roles in relation to the Timberlane Regional School District?

* 2. Please indicate your age group.

* 3. To better understand the specific concerns of your town, please indicate your town of residence

* 4. Please rank order from 1-5, the items below in order of (1) highest priority to (5) lowest priority for the School District to address in the next 5 years.

* 5. If you have a high priority that is not listed, you can add it below.

* 6. I believe quality facilities matter.

MISSION: What is the purpose of the schools in Timberlane Regional School District?

The following mission statement is intended to reflect the primary purpose of the school system: “The mission of the Timberlane Regional School District is to engage all students in challenging and relevant learning opportunities, emphasizing high aspirations and personal growth.”
The next three questions are related to the Mission of the Timberlane Regional School District as it is currently written.

* 7. Is the Mission of the Timberlane Regional School District clear and understandable?

* 8. Does the Mission statement of the Timberlane Regional School District need to be updated or adjusted?

* 9. Based on your perceptions and/or experience, how effectively is the Timberlane Regional School District achieving its stated mission?

BELIEFS: What are our deeply held convictions?

Please refer to our Strategic Plan of 2009, for the deeply held convictions of the Timberlane Regional School District. Nine statements were developed that underlie and guide the work of the Timberlane Regional School District.  In the next questions, please indicate how IMPORTANT each belief statement is in terms of guiding the work of the School District for the future.

* 10. I believe that education for the 21st century includes rigorous and relevant academic, technical and problem–solving skills that prepare students for the next level of education, career, college or continuing education.

* 11. I believe that strong instructional leadership and highly qualified educators and staff work as colleagues to deepen knowledge and improve instructional practice, creating a rich academic environment.

* 12. I believe that the schools practice sharing of knowledge, adoption of new principles, and continuous growth.

* 13. I believe effective communication connects parents, teachers, students, and the community, fostering mutual trust and cooperation.

* 14. I believe all members of the school community must promote respect for self, respect for others, and respect for community.

* 15. I believe creative expression and the appreciation of the arts are essential to quality of life.

* 16. I believe all students can achieve high standards and are entitled to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in various ways which recognize their individual abilities, talents, and learning styles.

* 17. I believe in modeling democracy by giving voice to all who are directly affected by the school, including students

* 18. Is there any important belief not listed that should be added to the next Strategic Plan in your opinion? If so, please add it below:

VISION: What will the desired TRSD schools look like?

The Vision describes what Timberlane Regional District Schools should look like as the mission is carried out and the District remains true to its beliefs. In 2009, the District articulated four vision statements that describe what success would look like. Because the vision was developed more than five years ago, it should describe what one sees in the schools today. 

The next four questions ask, "Are these things evident in the schools of Timberlane Regional School District today?"

* 19. In partnership with the communities of Atkinson, Danville, Plaistow, and Sandown, TRSD will provide resources and programs designed to support students’ diverse academic, social, and emotional needs.

Level of Agreement

* 20. Effective and dedicated professional educators, administrators, and support staff will challenge students with rigorous curriculum that considers individual learning styles.

Level of Agreement

* 21. We will be a school district of excellence that exemplifies best practices in academics, student services, facilities, safety and security.

* 22. Timberlane graduates will be prepared to assume leadership roles as students in colleges and universities, as professionals in their chosen careers in this rapidly changing world.

Level of Agreement

* 23. Is there any other vision statement that you want to see in the next 5 years, going forward? Please add it below.


The 2009-15 Strategic Plan included these 7 priority goals. How important are these goals to you going forward? Please choose one rating.

* 24. Apply mission, beliefs and student competencies (skills and knowledge) for the 21st Century to all students

* 25. Increase achievement for all students.

* 26. Create sufficient time for staff members to collaborate and become better educators.

* 27. All students and staff become proficient users of technology.

* 28. Use technology to enhance communication between educators and parents.

* 29. Continue to sustain the District-wide Technology Plan

* 30. Continue to sustain the school district capital improvement plan, implementation sequence, and timetable that addresses TRSD building and facilities concerns.

Thank you for taking time to give feedback. We appreciate it, as we move forward with Strategic Planning. 
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