Award Nomination guidelines
1. Nominations are open to all ACT Triathlon members.

2. Members may only submit one nomination per award category and cannot self-nominate for Special Awards.

3. You do not need to nominate for all awards, only the one you are interested in.

4. Nominations for current ACT Triathlon Board members may be considered provided that the Board member recuse themselves from the voting process for awards for which they have been nominated.

5. All nominations must meet the specific criteria for each award.

6. Nominations must be submitted by the 5pm AEST 31st May 2024.

7. Nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Panel, who will make the final decision on award recipients.

8. Shortlisted nominees will be notified by the ACT Tri board of their nomination on the 3rd June 2024.

9. All nominees and award winners may be required to participate in media activities related to the awards.

List of awards
1. Rad Leovic Award for Senior Contributor to Triathlon
2. Age Group Athlete of the Year
3. Volunteer of the Year Award
4. Novice of the Year
5. Club Coach of the Year
6. Endurance Spirit Award (new)
7. Multisport Rising Star (new)
8. Spirit of ACT Triathlon (new)

Question Title

* Nominator contact details

Question Title

* Rad Leovic Award for Senior Contributor to Triathlon

Rad Leovic was an ACT triathlete who continued to compete both locally and at the World level well into his 80s. He was known for his support of other triathletes and his contributions to the sport of triathlon both on and off the course.

The Rad Leovic Award for Senior Contributor to Triathlon aims to recognise a senior (aged 60 or over) athlete’s contributions to triathlon in the ACT, and the inspiration they provide to younger athletes.

The award is open to individuals who continue to participate in triathlon events and embody the spirit of lifelong athleticism.

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* Age Group Athlete of the Year

To recognise exceptional athletic achievement in the sport of triathlon and its related multisport disciplines by an ACT athlete competing in their age group at the age group level. This award will be given for outstanding performances by a ACT Triathlon member competing as an age group competitor locally, nationally or internationally.

Nomination criteria:

Question Title

* Volunteer of the Year Award

Objective: to recognise the outstanding contribution of one or more people to the sport of triathlon in the ACT, recognising that without the contribution of such people it would not be possible for Triathlon ACT to perform in the way that it does having regard to:

Question Title

* Novice of the Year

Objective: to recognise the performance of a competitor in the Novice series who has participated in the Novice Program having regard to the following criteria:

Question Title

* Club Coach of the Year

Objective: to recognise the important role that coaches play in building triathlon communities through the development of triathlon skills, fitness and athletic performance in a club environment, and the coach’s contribution to the development of the sport of triathlon in the ACT, having regard to the following criteria:

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* Endurance Spirit Award

This award aims to emphasise the qualities of perseverance, determination, and inspirational achievement in the face of challenging long-distance multisport events of Classic Distance (2km swim/ 60km ride/ 16km run) or longer. It reflects the spirit of endurance athletes who push their limits and inspire others through their remarkable performances.

The award aims to highlight exceptional athletic achievement while considering the following criteria:

Question Title

* Multisport Rising Star

The Rising Star Award recognises the achievements of an Age Group triathlete (non-Elite and non-Professional) who has demonstrated marked improvement in their race performance in multisport events (triathlon, cross triathlon, aquathlon, duathlon, etc.) throughout the year.

Nomination Criteria:

Question Title

* Spirit of ACT Triathlon Award

The Spirit of Triathlon Award recognises a AusTriathlon member holding a current membership of any level (including social), who has exemplified the true essence and values of multisport. This award recognises an individual who demonstrates exceptional sportsmanship, passion, and dedication, contributing positively to the triathlon community in the ACT.

The recipient of this award is a shining example of what it means to embrace the spirit of triathlon and positively impact the community through their passion and dedication to the sport. Their contributions serve as an inspiration to others and contribute to the vibrancy and inclusivity of the triathlon community in the ACT.

Nomination criteria:

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