Help us think through TPCx-BB v2.0

TPCx-BB version 1 contains largely structured data that derives from the TPC-DS decision support benchmark with the addition of some fairly simple unstructured data (e.g., product review text). As we start to think of a possible major iteration to TPCx-BB, we have several questions regarding how the data model and query types should expand to reflect real customer requirements on big data analytics and how they interface to conventional analytics.

This survey will be divided into several sections:
  • Data - What are the basic characteristics of your Big Data
  • Data Model - How do you structure your Big Data workflows
  • Streaming Analytics - How important is streaming analytics to Big Data?
  • Machine Learning - How important is machine learning to Big Data?
  • Big Data Framework - What Big Data frameworks should be supported?
  • Wildcard

The TPCx-BB subcommittee is opening this survey to the general public to maximize the range of input that we receive. We understand that Big Data is an extremely broad topic and that some respondents may not have input for some areas.

Feel free to skip questions that you have no context on. Please also feel free forward this survey to your colleagues that may be able to answer additional questions.

Ready? Lets get started!