Important Submission Information

We strongly recommend using this working document to plan for your final submission. Please note that all proposals must be electronically submitted via this form to be considered. 
Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Texas Primary Care Consortium Annual Summit call for breakout proposals.  

Breakout Tracks

We are seeking workshops related to innovations in primary care in the below tracks:  

1. Practice Advancements
This track incorporates all topics related to care integration, telehealth, behavioral health, data sharing, interprofessional collaboration, new care models, staffing or human capital, trainings, etc.
Samples of previous presentations include:
  • Enhancing Patient Engagement: Creating and Sustaining Patient Advisory Groups
  • Getting and Sharing Actionable Data to Improve Care
2. The Business of Health
This track focuses on the linkage between finance and outcomes.  All topics relate to payment reform, value-based purchasing, waiver, revenue cycle management and employed physicians.
Samples of previous presentations include:
  • Succeeding in Value Based Payment Models
  • Empowering Employed Physicians
  • Know your Value: The Business of Medicine
3. Primary Care and Social Factors
This track will consist of topics related to health equity, community health.
Samples of previous presentations include:
  • Screening for Social Factors in Health: Developing an Action-Oriented Social Needs Screening Tool
  • Engaging Community Partners to Meet the Needs of our Patients
  • Community Health Workers: Key Primary Care Team Leaders
4. Innovation and Emerging Ideas
This track features topics related to new workforce models/settings, data sharing platforms, emerging science and evidence. 
Samples of previous presentations include:
  • Caring for High Needs, High Complexity Patients
  • Screening and Treating Substance Use Disorder in your Practice
  • Implementing High Value Care: An Update
Session Types

Within this application, you will be asked which of three formats would be the best fit for your submission:
1) Breakout Session:
A breakout session is a shared 75 minute breakout proposal block.  You will be submitting for 30 minutes presentation time and 10 minutes of Q&A that will be shared with another session that the committee determines is a suitable fit.  No one submission will be presenting in the full 75 minute block.  Breakout sessions take place on both June 4 and June 5.

2) Pre-Summit Session:
Pre-summit sessions are in the format of smaller groups for a longer time period with the intention of truly delving down into the "how to's."  This gives a three hour time block that will not be shared with another submission unless otherwise notified.

3) New this year!  Lightning Round Interactive Session
This session will take place in the main ballroom as a plenary session and will not feature any PowerPoint presentations.  The idea is for each presenter to share 2 minutes of high level information that is newsworthy and innovative.  After each presenter shares verbally, there will be opportunity for smaller, timed, roundtable conversations as well as a full group Q&A.  You may be selected for this session in addition to one or more of the above should this be of interest.

IMPORTANT:  ALL presenters, if selected, are required to register and pay for registration at the discounted rate of $250.  Please do consider this prior to choosing to submit.