1. Survey Introduction

Hello! Project Reach, Illinois Deaf-Blind Services is contacting our Stakeholders to get feedback for reporting and to improve our services. We want input from individuals who are DeafBlind, family members of children and youth who are DeafBlind, school and early intervention personnel, administrators, and others in the lives of children and youth with deafblindness.

This survey is divided into multiple sections, and will most likely take you between 10 - 25 minutes depending on 1) the number of sections you are eligible to complete and 2) the thoroughness of your answers. In order to thank you for your valuable time, those who complete the survey may choose to enroll in a drawing for a $50 gift card (one card of the winner’s choice: Walmart, Target, Starbucks, or Dunkin' Donuts). In order to enroll in the drawing, the participant will need to supply basic demographic information, but that information will NOT be attached to his or her survey answers.

The survey will be open until Monday, July 2, 2018.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Michelle Clyne) at mclyne@philiprockcenter.org

The Project Reach team thanks you so much for your time and honest feedback!

This survey is designed to answer one major question:
Have We Met These Goals For You?