Reflection - Goal Setting

 Reflection : Setting Goals
Session 1   power point :  9.30 – 10.45am
Session 2   Develop Accountability Statement : 11am to 12.30pm
Session 3   Trainer to contact individually : 1pm to 4pm 

Career Planner
Discussion : Did you find the Career Planner useful?

Personality Type
Discussion :   What was your personality type
Extrovert vs Introvert 
Why is it important to know your personality type

Building a Team
Discussion :  What are the qualities of a good team
Where do you fit : thinking, social, action

Interview Nerves
Discussion :  What can you do to help with interview nerves?

Fear and Problem Solving
Discussion :   What strategies can you use to overcome fear?
Is problem solving a soft or hard skill?
Why is problem solving important?

Prepare Yourself
Discussion : Did you find the elevator pitch activity useful?

Preparation is key : mock interview
Discussion :   How do you research an organisation?
How do you prepare for any interview

Set to impress
Discussion :   How do you make a good first impression?
Tell me about active listening?
What does “It’s what you don’t say that counts” mean
How important are professional boundaries

Prepare to Job Search
Discussion :   How do you go about job search?
How comfortable are you with cold calling?

Discussion :   How does resilience help with thriving not surviving?
How do you build resilience?

Building a Resume
Discussion : What is the difference between hard and soft skills?
What type of skills do employers look for in an employee?
What will you include in your resume?

Selection Criteria : tailoring applications
Discussion :   What is selection criteria?
Is it important to submit with your application and if so  why?
Where would you usually find the selection criteria for a job?

The Workplace Part 1
Discussion :   What do you need to know about a workplace
How important is company culture?
Whose responsibility is Work Health and Safety in the workplace

The Workplace Part 2 : Personal Wellbeing
Discussion :   How important is it to organise a work routine and why?
How can you improve your time management skills?
What is good health?

Congratulations : Reflection : Setting Goals
Discussion :   Why is it important to set goals?
Session 2   - You will be asked to complete an accountability statement
Session 3   - final session :  phone call with your trainer to discuss accountability statement

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