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PLEASE NOTE: the following questions relate solely to the foodservice supply division of your business.

Please complete the following survey, which should take around 15-20 minutes. We have made the questions as easy as possible to answer. If you feel that there should be a different response to a particular question, please choose the answer that is the closest fit.           

By taking the time to answer the survey questions, you are playing a pivotal role in gathering vital information which will provide an otherwise unobtainable overview of the state of play in the industry we are all part of.

Only one (1) response per company is requested. Therefore, if forwarding on this survey for anyone else within your company to complete, please delete your copy immediately afterwards and ensure that only one copy is submitted for each company. Please do not make copies of this email or the link to the survey.


This survey is strictly confidential – we are not asking for personal or company names. Due to the manner in which information is being collected, there is no means of identifying which respondents have completed which answers – thereby ensuring your company information remains secure.

  • You will only be able to complete this survey once. Once you have completed the survey you will not be able to open it again or make changes.
  • During the survey you can go backwards and forwards between the pages to change or update answers to previous questions should you need to.
  • If you need to leave your computer or mobile device to find information in answer to a question whilst taking the survey, PLEASE KEEP THE SURVEY WINDOW OPEN. If you close the window, you may need to start the survey from scratch.
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