Ballina Shire Council has commenced the Lennox Village Vision: The Future of Lennox Head Village Centre (LVV) project. The LVV project seeks to gather community feedback on issues and ideas for the Lennox Head village centre (defined as the area indicated in the image below). The information gathered through this consultation process will be used to guide Council decision making in regard to the future planning and development of the village centre’s public spaces.
To assist with this process you are invited to complete this survey. This survey should take around 10 mins to complete. If you would like to be kept updated on the progress of this project, there is an option at the end of the survey to provide your email address.
Please see Ballina Shire Council's website for more information concerning the project, preliminary streetscape designs and concepts. 

Lennox Head Village Center
Responses to this survey will be used by Ballina Shire Council for the purpose of the LVV project. Email addresses if provided will only be used to give respondents ongoing information relating to the LVV project. Please refer to Council's website for information on how Council handles your submission and private information. 

* 1. How do you use the Lennox Head village? (tick all that apply)

* 2. How often would you visit the Lennox Head village centre?

* 3. When do you tend to visit the Lennox Head village centre?

* 4. How long would you typically spend in the Lennox Head village centre?

* 5. What mode of transport do you use to visit the Lennox Head village centre?

* 6. How far are you willing to walk to your village centre destination?

* 7. What three aspects of the Lennox Head village centre do you value most?

* 8. What three aspects of the Lennox Head village centre would you like to see improved?

* 9. What three features/ elements would make the village a more appealing place to visit, shop, work or live?

* 10. How important are the following for the Lennox Head village centre

  Not at all important Not so important Somewhat important Very important Extremely important
Pedestrian safety and comfort (wider footpaths/ pedestrian road crossings points/ shade/ seating/ footpath gradient/ wider pathways/ accessibility)
Cyclist safety and comfort (shared path connections/ slower traffic/bicycle parking)
Traffic calming elements (restricted speed zones/ shared pedestrian zones/ narrower roads)
Access to public transport (bus stops/taxi ranks)
Car parking spaces (in the village centre)
Street ambiance (street trees/ landscaping/ street furniture)
Street vibrancy (footpath dining/ pop up spaces/public art)
Pathway connections to other areas in Lennox Head village centre (foreshore areas, Park Lane, Williams Reserve, Surf Club)
Inclusion of a 'village green' (open air public gathering/event/ performance space)

* 11. How desirable are the following features or elements for the public space areas of the Lennox Head village centre?

  Not at all desirable Not so desirable Somewhat desirable Very desirable Extremely desirable
Wider footpath areas
Protected road crossing points
Restricted speed zones
Pedestrian connections to Park Lane and foreshore areas
Footpath dining space
Footpath informal gathering areas
Street furniture (seats, tables, shade structures)
Street trees and gardens
Co locating southbound and northbound bus stops 
Provision of additional car parking spaces in Ballina Street
Access to car parking spaces within 200m of the village centre
Regulated parking  turnover in the Lennox Village centre (timed/accessible/designated parking)
Better visual connection with the ocean and foreshore from Ballina Street
Upgraded/ new playground facilities
Nature/ adventure play space
Upgraded picnic shelter in Lennox Park Reserve
 New individual picnic shelters in parks
Upgraded toilet facilities in Lennox Park Reserve
Additional toilet facilities
Beach shower and changing facilities
Establishing a 'village green' in Ross Park
Public art elements/ sites
Retaining painted plant pots in Ballina Street
Bike parking
Better beach access
Inclusion of heritage interest points 

* 12. Do you  have a preference about the type of street trees that would be appropriate for the village centre?

* 13. Where do you think is the best location for children’s play equipment in the village?

* 14. Are you familiar with the three preliminary streetscape designs and concepts that have been prepared for this project? (available on Council's website)

* 15. Do you think a one way traffic flow option should be explored for street upgrade works for the Lennox Head village centre?

* 16. Do you have a preference for a two way (current) or one way traffic flow design for Ballina Street and Park Lane?

* 17. Do you have a preference for any of the three preliminary streetscape designs provided as examples for this phase of the LVV?

* 18. If a one way traffic flow option is chosen, additional space could be provided for other elements. What would you prefer this space being used for :

* 19. What is your postcode?

* 20. What is your age?

* 21. If you would like to be kept informed on the progress of the Lennox Village Vision project, please include your email address below.

* 22. Do you have any further comments or suggestions? 

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey.