The CalSAC Trainer Network builds the training and facilitation skills of leaders in the field, who in turn provide training to professionals working in a variety of out-of-school time programs, like before school, afterschool and summer enrichment programs, across the state. Through the network, we deepen and grow the skills of professionals to best serve the interests of young people across the state. The Trainer Network has evolved over the years with extensive support from the CA Department of Education and foundation grants. In its history with the program, CalSAC has recruited over 900 trainers who have implemented over 17,000 hours of training. Over the last two years, CalSAC trainers provided over 1,600 hours of school-age training to 16,000 participants!

Professionals who join the Trainer Network hone and deepen their:
  • Training and Facilitation Skills
  • Ability to Deliver Effective Technical Assistance
  • Leadership Capacity
  • Knowledge and Connection to Statewide Out-of-School Time Field
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