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Lunaphore Technologies is a startup building devices based on a microfluidic technology that brings immunohistochemistry / immunofluorescence to a whole new level by speeding up an assay time from several hours down to a few minutes*, has proven increase of accuracy for quantitative fluorescence staining and allows automation, ease of use and reproducibility of assays.

Do you want to be part of the first ones to try and use our device? Do you have current or upcoming projects that would require staining of samples? Do you need to perform faster IHC? Do you need to obtain quantitative data? Do you need automation for your custom assays? Do you need more reproducible and accurate results?

If yes, you should definitely subscribe to be part of the first ones to try our new prototype. We have 5 available slots for trying out our device during 1 to 2 weeks in the coming months. Be visionary, be part of the firsts, broaden your horizon and bring your tests to a new dimension by subscribing now to our trials.

*Usual protocol steps include primary/secondary antibody, washing steps + optional blocking step.