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2023 Membership Survey


Thank you for participating in the Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) Membership Survey.  This survey is open to both members and non-members of TIABC.

The purpose of this survey is to assess your level of satisfaction with the leadership that TIABC provides and to solicit your valuable input to help shape our future direction and to ensure our effectiveness as advocates for the tourism sector.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  We request your response on or before end of day November 30th, 2023.


We respect the confidentiality of the data provided and therefore will not publish responses by any individual or organization. All responses are anonymous and will be reported in aggregate only, largely for internal planning purposes.


TIABC’s Vision is for the tourism industry to be recognized as one of British Columbia’s leading and sustainable industries.  The organization’s rolling Strategic Plan outlines five key priority areas to guide the organization:

- Advocacy & Policy Development
- Membership & Strategic Alliances
- Strategic Communications & Government Relations
- Operational Sustainability & Excellence
- Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Reconciliation
For further information about TIABC, please visit If you have any questions about TIABC or this survey, please contact Deborah Kulchiski, Manager, Special Projects at or 604.530.9979

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* 1. Which sector best describes your business or organization?

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* 2. Which region of the province is your primary operation located?

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* 3. Are you a member of TIABC?

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* 4. If you answered "YES" to Q3, how long have you been a member of TIABC (please select)?

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* 5. TIABC has been a leading voice on the multiple issues over the past year, advocating on behalf of its members.  Looking to the next 12 months and beyond, on a scale of 1 (low priority) to 5 (highest priority), what issues do you think TIABC should be focused on?

  Low priority Some priority Neither low or high priority High priority Highest priority
Workforce and labour
Affordable Housing
Short-term vacation rental regulations
Land use and tenure security
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Municipal & Regional District Tax (MRDT)
Access & infrastructure development
Emergency Preparedness
Economic development and value of tourism

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A.     Advocacy & Policy Development – Developing well-researched policy positions with broad-based industry support is fundamental to success. TIABC focuses on continuing to build awareness of the importance, value, and potential of the tourism industry within all levels of government; creating mechanisms by which the effectiveness of government policies and actions affecting tourism can be measured against actual tourism development; providing quick and effective responses to policy proposals/changes and actions by all levels of government; influencing policy changes at the federal and provincial level.

B.     Membership & Strategic Alliances - Ensuring that our membership structure is reflective of the diversity and size of the industry while representing all regions of the province; increasing the perception of the value of TIABC by its members; building and sustaining a sense of ownership, involvement, and support for TIABC thereby ensuring unity of the industry; communicating industry-based policies to appropriate bodies; and expanding relationships with other tourism sector associations.  

C.    Strategic Communications & Government Relations - Continuing to be constructive and solution- oriented with government, enhancing its overall profile with elected officials through various initiatives including connecting at the constituency level. Communicating the value or power of tourism is also a key initiative to ensure government and business leaders understand and respect that the visitor economy is an integral part of the province’s ability to attract investment, create jobs and generate economic impact in all regions.

D.    Operational Sustainability & Excellence - Ensuring that TIABC is governed effectively by a Board of Directors representative of the industry; maintaining and reviewing a rolling strategic & financial plan within the framework of a long-term plan; increasing revenue from programs, fundraising and sponsorships, seeking financial partnerships with government and industry as well as exploring other revenue generating opportunities including special projects and research assignments. 

E.  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Reconciliation - Ensuring that TIABC shares best practices in advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion and reconciliation within BC's tourism and hospitality industry, and seek to achieve the annual goals and objectives we set around this priority to hold us accountable.

On a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), please rate the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither disagree or agree Agree Strongly agree
I am satisfied with my membership in TIABC
TIABC membership offers fair value for money
TIABC not only supports our industry, but brings more awareness to the challenges and opportunities of the tourism sector
TIABC responds to my sector, business or organization’s issues in a timely and effective manner
TIABC regularly updates me/my business on tourism issues of concern
I see TIABC in the media and appreciate the tone and approach
I believe my membership investment in TIABC is being used effectively
My interactions with TIABC directors has been positive
My interactions with TIABC staff have been positive
TIABC staff respond to my enquiries in a timely and professional manner
My membership helps make a positive impact on TIABC’s advocacy efforts
I plan to continue my membership in TIABC for the foreseeable future
I am interested in getting more involved with TIABC

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* 7. Please provide recommendations on programs, information, or services you would find valuable from TIABC. 

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* 8. In your opinion, what TIABC member benefits do you consider to be of greatest value (rank in order of importance with 1 being highest)?

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* 9. Do you subscribe to TIABC’s weekly newsletter? Yes or No

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* 10. Which of TIABC’s social media channels do you subscribe to (check all that apply)?

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* 11. What should TIABC be doing more of?

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* 12. What should TIABC be doing less of?

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* 13. Will you be renewing your TIABC membership in 2024?

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* 14. If you are not a member of TIABC, would you be interested in becoming a member?

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* 15. Are there any other comments, recommendations, or questions you wish to add?

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