Facilitator Meeting Update

This form is checked twice daily (Morning and Afternoon).  If you need a change or notice posted urgently (i.e. meeting cancelled due to bad weather/illness) please send an email to: information@smartrecovery.org notifying us there is a meeting change request that is urgent.  

* 1. Facilitator Name: First name, Last name

* 2. Facilitator Email

* 3. Meeting ID# (On Meeting List)

* 4. What is the City and State of your current meeting?

* 10. My contact number has changed.

* 11. My email has changed.

* 12. My meeting location has changed from CURRENT LOCATION to NEW LOCATION.

Please list City/Town, State/Providence, ZIP/Postal Code, and Country.

* 13. Please post a note on my meeting list (example: Meeting Cancelled 1/1/18 due to weather).

* 14. I would like to change Facilitator from CURRENT FACILITATOR to NEW FACILITATOR, who has completed facilitator/host training and has already submitted their Volunteer Registration Form. 
Please confirm with that person that they have submitted their VRF before requesting this change.

* 15. I need to cancel this meeting.  I understand that means the meeting will be permanently deleted from the website.  Should I decide to start a new meeting I will submit a new Volunteer Registration Form to register it as a new meeting.

* 16. This meeting ended because:

* 17. On what date are these changes effective?

Date / Time

* 18. Additional Notes or Comments