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Employees have their own thoughts on their personal and professional development and advancement.  Organizations have their thoughts.  Organizations need to explore dynamic and multiple pathways for employees to advance by discovering and assessing skills across the enterprise, accelerating skill and competency development and motivating their employees to advance.

Organizations can achieve this by taking a three-pronged approach: using employee-centric technology that is adapted for a mobile workforce for capabilities; building processes that allow for more employee self-service in skill development and career progression to improve engagement; applying robust data collection and advanced analytics to create a more proficient and unbound workforce that will be aligned with organizational goals.

This survey is designed to understand the strategies and tactics organizations will use  to create a .more capable and mobile workforce primed to meet the changing nature of the modern working world.

We only need about 5-10 minutes of your time. In appreciation, those who complete the survey and provide their email will receive:
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Your survey responses remain completely confidential, and your name is not given to external parties nor associated with responses. Survey findings are only reported in aggregate. If you agree to answer a few questions, you may also be contacted by Brandon Hall Group staff to request a confidential, qualitative research interview by an analyst.

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