The Port of Bellingham is a countywide economic development agency which operates transportation terminals and provides waterfront public access facilities in Whatcom County.  Please take a few minutes to tell us your opinion of our facilities and priorities for improvements.  We appreciate your input.  

* 2. If yes, which of the following Port of Bellingham areas is closest to your home or work.

* 4. If yes, indicate vessel length.

* 5. If yes, where is the vessel currently moored or stored?

* 9. If yes, how many times a year did you use the launch last year?

* 10. Which facility did you usually launch from ?

* 12. If yes, about how many times did you visit last year?

* 13. What is your overall satisfaction with Port of Bellingham recreational facilities.

* 14. If not satisfied, please tell us if you have a specific facility in mind or your reason why.