The City of Royal Oak is in the midst of a process to write a new master plan. Conditions within the city and beyond have changed sufficiently that the Planning Commission and City Commission have decided a new plan is warranted. To date a number of topics have been discussed and proposals made, but the first draft has not yet been written. Many differing viewpoints are being considered in the process, with the intention to balance goals and concerns and to align where appropriate with professional best practices.

To date, in-person listening sessions have been held, a digital public survey, and a week-long charrette (work session), the outcomes of which have been briefly summarized in a document presented to the Planning Commission in July. Input to this document has been collected during public meetings, from Planning Commission members, and through the project website. The summary document has been updated to clarify some points of misunderstanding. However many topics include a great deal of information that require the additional focus of a first draft to fully detail. Of greatest concern among clarification is that the summary document and subsequently the first draft of the master plan DOES NOT AND WILL NOT rezone properties or propose eliminating single family zones.

We ask that all survey respondents review the Master Plan Direction document and respond to survey questions accordingly. 

Please contact the project team at with any questions. Please call (248) 246-3999 to request hard copies.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey! This survey should take around 5 minutes to complete.